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Rain continues to flood Sulphur street

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After heavy rain fell on the Sulphur area overnight on Tuesday, residents of one street in Sulphur are expressing their frustrations of the flooding that happens with every significant rainfall.

"Today, I would say probably about a 7," said Diane Cormier. 

That's on a scale of 1-10; with 1 being the least and 10 being the most severe.

"The water has been so bad it's up to our porch," said Cormier. "You can't see the roads, you can't see the driveway to go in." 

In the 16 years the Cormiers have lived on the Sulphur street, they say they've made reports to the city, but they think the very work the city has done to solve the problem is keeping it going. 

"Our ditches out here used to be deeper, but they came in and filled them in and it's like when they filled them in, it made the problem worse," Cormier said. 

Having now become the norm whenever there is significant rainfall, the Cormiers say it's still a major inconvenience.

"They [kids] couldn't stand out here and wait on the bus and it wasn't because it was raining, it was because of the water standing," said Cormiers' daughter, Bridgett Cormier. "I had to carry all of my kids to the car or they would have sank in water."

While they wait for some changes to be made by the city, they've got their own thoughts on what needs to be done to stop the flooding problem. 

"Try cleaning out these ditches and maybe that will help the water to drain better and that we wouldn't have this problem the next heavy rain that we have," said Cormier.  

Crews with the City of Sulphur were working on the street on Wednesday. 7News has not been able to reach the Department of Public Works to see what their future plans may be to prevent more flood events. 

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