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Beauregard Parish Police Jury addresses road issues


Some residents in Beauregard Parish are upset with the 18-wheeler traffic in their neighborhoods due to the construction of a new cement plant.

Now, the Beauregard Parish Police Jury (BPPJ) is planning to address the issues and concerns.

Near Pleasant Hill Road in Beauregard Parish, a cement plant already exists and now a second plant is being built.

Residents are frustrated because the constant flow of traffic by 18-wheelers and heavy trucks is damaging the roadways. But this isn't their biggest concern. The residents are concerned with the quality of life and safety within their community.

Resident of Pleasant Hill Road, Pat Morris, attended the BPPJ agenda setting meeting on Tuesday. She said something needs to be done to fix the roads and make them safer.

Morris has lived off of Pleasant Hill Road for almost 40 years and has seen the quality of life in her community decrease at an alarming rate.

"We were a community that rode bikes and jogged and pushed strollers, and families came to our pond and fished. And now, it's very dangerous for these families to even come down the road. I mean those days are over I'm afraid," Morris said.

Morris said the roads connected to Pleasant Hill Road are very narrow and dangerous.

"We have hills, we have curves, we have school buses, we have children and we have vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed," she said.

Morris hopes the parish will put an end to the heavy traffic flow in her neighborhood and fix the damaged roads.

"There's no magic wand to do this. It takes time," said Llewellyn "Biscuit" Smith, BPPJ president.

Smith said the cost to repair the roadways in that area could be anywhere between $1.5 million to $2 million. 

"We have several caring police jurors that will be able to take care of and look at and hopefully through the ordinances as far as no thru-trucks, speed limits, being able to take care of the road itself and put a nice hard surface on it for them. Then that should be able to help with quality of life in that area," Smith said.

Morris said the residents are not against industry.

"We want industry away from the communities that have new homes," Morris said. "We have a bunch of new homes like I said and these people invested a lot of money in these homes and now they've got big [cement] plants behind them."

Now, all Morris and the other residents of Pleasant Hill Road can do is ask and beg for help from the parish to keep their community and roadways safe, and perhaps prevent further big industry from invading into their neighborhoods.

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