Calcasieu DA reviews registrar audit, says office now in compliance

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday that officials there found "no probably cause" to support any criminal prosecution resulting from the recent state audit of the Calcasieu Parish Registrar's Office.

"Several administrative procedures and office policies have been amended to fully comply with the laws, rules and regulations governing the operation of a Registrar's Office," a Tuesday release from District Attorney John DeRosier states.

A state audit, released publicly last month, looked at possible violations at the Registrar's Office.

Auditors alleged that Calcasieu Registrar Angie Quienalty did not keep adequate employment records detailing work hours. Fuel records for the office were also allegedly not properly kept.
Auditors also alleged that Quienalty directed staff to perform personal errands for her during work hours.

Quienalty also allegedly researched parish voter rolls and the Louisiana driver's license database (maintained by Department of Public Safety) to obtain personal contact information of people who were delinquent in paying donations pledged to a local organization.

Quienalty disputed many of the findings. She said a former employee's accusations ultimately led to the audit.

Quienalty called the inquiries of her office "unwarranted."

"The initial inquiry by both the Legislative Auditor and the Secretary of State focused on a missing vacuum cleaner and on a missing plastic bin. Subsequent to the production of both these two items, the inquiry shifted to an analysis of 'policies and procedures' on 'leave and attendance' record-keeping, and on record-keeping for use of a parish-owned vehicle," Quienalty wrote in an audit response.

Quienalty's attorney, Ron Richard, spoke to KPLC last month about the audit.

"It was like they started something so they had to finish it.  So, it's turned into this massive, I hate to say witch hunt, but it was certainly a digging expedition, trying to find something to justify the initiation of the audit in the first place," Richard said.

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