Family of triple homicide victims organize community take-back

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Lee Peck, in tonight for Cynthia, with a look at what we are working on for 7 News Nightcast.

This weekend the victims in the triple homicide were laid to rest. Today makeshift memorials still stand in McMillan Park as a reminder of the tragedy that took place there. Tonight, we talk to family members of the victims who are now organizing a community take-back.

An autism diagnosis can be scary for parents. A new report shows an alarming number of children are being diagnosed. In Healthcast, KPLC's Britney Glaser introduces us to a local group that's helping families work through the disorder and children achieve goals.

Plus, the war of words continued between North Korea and the U.S. Adding to the tension North Korea released video today soldiers shooting at targets marked U.S.A.

Also he won millions in the Powerball, but a New Jersey man apparently owes thousands in child support. He faced the music today in court.

And what a difference a day makes. A beautiful Monday after yesterday's severe weather… but more rain is on the way. Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton will have your complete forecast.

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