March 20, 2013 - Michael Oglesbee

Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Michael Ogles bee was first deployed to Iraq ten years ago, as part of the first wave of operation Iraqi Freedom.

"We were right on the tale end of the initial push, part of the initial invasion force," said Ogles bee.  "We sustained Baghdad for several months before we moved to the Baghdad and south area fighting the militia and Al Sad's army."

After having served a second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Ogles bee is back with the Lake Charles Police Department.  He's organized a local chapter of Team Red, White and Blue, a veterans advocacy group that promotes social and athletic activities for returning veterans.

"As a veteran who suffers from PTSD and social disorders, anxiety mostly, I've been through treatment and therapy.  It helps.  But getting athletic and getting involved in a group of friends."

Oglesbee has taken part in Team RWB events around the country and wants to get local returning vets involved.

"My goal here locally is to start the group, which I've done, and to grow it.  Hopefully get some fishing involvement and athletic activities.  Then also the social part of it.  Get our veterans out and re-integrated into society after being in the war zone."

Staff Sgt. Oglesbee is expected to leave for another tour of duty in Afghanistan later in the fall.  For more information on Team R-W-B,  call Oglesbee at 337-513-6889 or go to

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