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'Road to Non-Violence' walk planned in Lake Charles

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Last week's shocking triple murder was, for some, a wake up call that something needs to happen to stop what seems like non-stop violence and death.

Two young women from Lake Charles are determined to make a difference. They are calling people together to participate in a walk they're calling, "The Road to Non-violence."

The triple murder of three young men is a tragedy felt throughout the community. But it's even more of a jolt to Harmony Jackson and Kamie Dominic. Though they didn't know the most recent victims, the two cousins say they have lost too many friends and classmates since they graduated from high schools in Lake Charles in 2008.

"I've lost many close guy friends since I was 15. After I got to 10, I stopped counting. And it hurts because I know these guys personally and some of them were the sweetest guys ever," said Jackson. "One day, my daughter might not have a young, black man to marry because they're all going to be dead or they're all going to be locked up."

"We keep losing young, black men in our neighborhood and it's black on black crime. So, it's time for someone to do something," said Dominic. 

Dominic has graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge and Jackson will get her degree from ULL in May. Even though they're not currently living in Lake Charles, they plan to come home June 1 for a walk called,"The Road to Non-Violence."

Said Dominic, " And our slogan will be, 'Save a child, save a community.' We can start somewhere and I think, doing this walk, it's telling, showing the youth and the young black men in our community that we want to do something and we can start doing a small thing something. This could grow into something bigger than what we think."

They want youth and young adults who were not successful in high school to realize, it's not over for them. There are other paths to success.

"You don't have to go to a four-year college and the streets are not the answer. There are technical colleges you can go to. There are other things you can do to better your life. You don't have to be a doctor to be successful. You don't have to be a millionaire," said Jackson.

Again, the walk is planned for Saturday, June 1, after school is out for summer. The details will be announced in the weeks to come. Contact Harmony Jackson at mrs.jackson1211@gmail.com and Kamie Dominic at kamie.dominic@yahoo.com for more information.

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