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One fatality in train, vehicle accident in DeQuincy


Authorities are investigating the scene of a deadly accident involving a Kansas City Southern train and a pickup truck in DeQuincy on Wednesday.

DeQuincy Police have identified the victim as Curtis Sandifer, 81, of DeQuincy.

According to preliminary investigation, Sandifer's truck was parked on the tracks at the Holly Street intersection as the train was approaching.

Despite the sound of the train's horn, Sandifer did not move off the tracks and was hit and pushed on the tracks for nearly half a mile before the train was able to come to a stop.

Police have talked to at least three people who witnessed the accident.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police are now waiting on the train's data recorder, similar to a plane's black box, to find out when the initial horn was blasted and for how long, the train's speed, and when the emergency brakes were initiated.

The intersection where the impact happened does not have safety crossing arms.  

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