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Parishwide tax renewals on April 6 ballot in Calcasieu

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Three taxes are up for renewal on the April 6 ballot in Calcasieu Parish: The Road and Drainage tax, the Health Unit tax and the Juvenile Justice Services tax, all taxes that have been around for over 40 years. 

"Each of them provide core services throughout the parish and have been around since the 50s and the 60s so they're very important for public safety, public health and infrastructure," said Calcasieu Parish Administrator Bryan Beam. 

According to Beam, the Road and Drainage tax provides funding to construct, modify and maintain more than 1,200 miles of roadways and nearly 200 bridges throughout the parish. 

"This helps maintain over 1,200 miles of roads in unincorporated areas and it also helps funds projects within cities as well," Beam said.  

For the average homeowner in a home assessed at $150,000, the annual cost under the tax renewal would be $30.45. 
The Health Unit tax is more self explanatory, funding the parish's health unit. 

"It's a key public health tax that covers very basic needs throughout the parish," Beam said. "Immunizations which all children need ... communicable disease control. We also have rabies control as it funds a significant portion of our animal services department." 

Under the renewal, the cost to a parish homeowner on property assessed at $150,000 would be $18.60.

The newest of the three taxes is the Juvenile Justice Services tax which funds programs like the newly opened MARC center for risks and needs screening, among other juvenile projects. 

"The focus on juvenile justice is on prevention more than incarceration so they've instituted best practices and the result is the recidivism rates are very low compared to many areas of the country," said Beam.  

Under that tax renewal, the cost for a homeowner in the parish with a property assessed at $150,000 would be around $26.17.

Breakdown of Assessed Values v. Annual Tax Amount:

Road and Drainage Tax:
$75,000-------- $0.00
$100,000------- $10.15
$150,000------- $30.45
$200,000------- $50.75
$250,000------- $71.05

Health Unit Tax:
$75,000-------- $0.00
$100,000------- $6.20
$150,000------- $18.60
$200,000------- $31.00
$250,000------- $43.40

Juvenile Justice Services Tax:
$75,000--------- $0.00
$100,000-------- $8.72
$150,000-------- $26.17
$200,000-------- $43.63
$250,000-------- $61.08

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