Louisiana Traveler - National World War II Museum

Louisiana Traveler - Ntl. World War II Museum
(Source: National World War II Museum)
(Source: National World War II Museum)

New Orleans, LA (KPLC) - Since opening 13 years ago, the National World War II Museum in New Orleans has welcomed millions of guests from all over the world. But construction on the museum is far from over. Organizers and volunteers could never have imagined the success it has achieved since opening in downtown New Orleans.

"This June the 6th, we'll be open 13 years," said volunteer Gaston Andre.  "I've seen it grow from two rooms into now about 5 buildings and we' re still adding on. We are trying to tell the whole story of all 16 million men and women who served during World War II."

Scott Roller and his 12 year old son, Dalton, visited the museum this week from St. Louis, Missouri. Dalton was born on June 6 (D-Day) and talked about D-Day with World War 2 veteran Tom Blakey.

"We lost a lot of men, especially on Omaha," said Dalton. "I feel they made the ultimate sacrifice and that's why we have our freedom today."

Across the street, visitors are enjoying the newest addition, which museum VP Bob Farnsworth says is a salute to aviation in the war.

"Well we've just in January opened the U.S. Freedom Pavilion, the Boeing Center," said Farnsworth. "It's a fabulous experience. Anyone who's been here before we opened that pavilion really owes it to themselves to come back and experience that new pavilion."

Farnsworth said the World War II Museum is In the middle of a $325 million expansion program. Construction is currently underway on a new exhibit building, "Campaigns of Courage," featuring the European and Pacific Campaigns. Featured events this spring include a Stage Door Canteen show featuring the music of Frank Sinatra and an American POW exhibit.

For more information, go to www.Nationalww2museum.org.

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