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Beauregard homeowners say trucks are tearing up residential roads


Economic development and new business are sought by most communities. But, in Beauregard Parish, some residents want to prevent progress from destroying their roads.

Former Beauregard Parish Police Juror George Feldtman may be 89 years old, but it hasn't stopped him from being involved in what's going on in his community.

Right now, he's concerned that truck traffic from two different plants is causing dust and destroying residential roads.

"Trucks have no designated route. They can go right through the residential area and they're destroying roads that are not designed to carry heavy truck traffic," said Feldtman.

Feldtman welcomes the economic development, but said it's the Police Jury's responsibility to make sure the roads are kept up. You can already see potholes forming. 

"When it's dry, it'll cause dust. When it's wet, it'll cause mud and it will cause the roads to not be able to handle the regular vehicle traffic," said Feldtman.

He is also concerned the situation will hurt homeowners' property values. Feldtman doesn't just complain. He's come up with an alternate route for trucks that he believes would save the roads near homes.

"We're not against the truckers. We have an option for them. We have a truck route for them," said Feldtman, holding a map with routes he suggests trucks use.

He said he's been trying for four months to get the Beauregard Parish Police Jury to do something to address the situation.

"The Police Jury is the governing body of this parish and they should do something. However, the governing body has a boss. The boss is the taxpayers of this parish, the taxpayers when they go to vote and when they pay their taxes. They're the boss of this thing and so, this is why we want some action right now," said Feldtman.

Parish officials said the Police Jury is examining various possibilities and looking for funding that may help with road improvements.

The issue is expected to be discussed by members at the Beauregard Parish Road and Bridge committee meeting at 4 p.m., Tuesday, April 2 at the Police Jury meeting room in DeRidder.

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