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Lawmakers delve into specifics of Jindal tax plan

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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Lawmakers digging into the details of Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan to restructure Louisiana's tax code say the administration needs to do a better job selling the tax plan to the public.

Revenue department leader Tim Barfield started walking members of the House tax-writing committee through the governor's proposal Tuesday.

Jindal wants to eliminate personal and business income taxes. To offset the loss, Jindal proposes to increase state sales taxes and add them to an array of untaxed services.

Rep. Joel Robideaux, the Republican who will sponsor the tax bills for the governor, says working families would benefit from Jindal's tax plan. But he says, "the message is clearly not out there."

Critics of the plan say it would place higher tax burdens on the poor and middle-income residents.

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