The Pardon, set in Lake Charles, opens Friday

An independent movie about Toni Jo Henry, the only woman to be executed in Louisiana by electric chair, was shot in Lake Charles as well as Shreveport.

"The Pardon," will be released in theaters on Friday.

Henry was executed in Calcasieu on Nov. 28, 1942. She was convicted of murdering Joseph P. Calloway on Feb. 14, 1940.

Tom Anton directed and co-wrote for the film, along with his wife, Sandi Russell, who was lead writer.

The cast features Jaime King as Toni Jo Henry, John Hawkes as Henry's murder accomplice, Jason Lewis as Henry's husband, M.C. Gainey as the jailer and T. J. Thyne as the priest.

"Because Toni Jo was beautiful, she instantly became a notorious celebrity, drawing almost unparalleled media attention," Anton said, in a recent news release. "Only the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and America's entry into World War II grabbed more headlines."

" 'The Pardon' is a story about love and forgiveness and compassion … about a woman who's never known love and how being loved changed her life," King said. "This woman's life actually became better after she had committed a crime in that she experienced the love and concern of the people in her life in jail; a jailer, two attorneys and a priest. God works in strange ways."

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