A smelly situation for some apartment residents in Sulphur

Good Evening, SWLA!

Gerron Jordan in the KPLC Newsroom.  Here's what we're working on for tonight's Nightcast:

We've been telling you about the sewage issue one Sulphur apartment complex is facing.  Tonight, we'll hear from the Mayor, City Inspector and we'll have the latest information from the corporate managers of the property.

Pope Francis has been getting acclimated to his new life at Pope.  Some journalists who are in Rome covering the conclave and his transition have had the chance to meet him since his election.  You'll hear from the Pope tonight as he addressed his first media audience.

Seth Lewis is in the sports office working on highlights from all of the day's games.  At the top, McNeese Girl's Softball and their double header win against Texas A&M- Corpus Christi.

Meteorologist Cedric Haynes is working on the latest forecast in the weather center and he'll have the answer to everyone's question today: "How long will the nice weather stay around!?"

I hope you join us tonight at 10 on Nightcast!