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Lake Charles hosts 'Run with the Nuns' charity event

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Saturday marked the 105th Anniversary of Christus St. Patrick Hospital. The celebration began Saturday with the "Run with the Nuns Motorcycle Ride and Charity Event."

Riders lined up on the top floor of the parking garage at L'Auberge. 

Representatives of Diocese blessed the medals and the riders before the call for "all kick stands up" was announced. 

The riders followed the Creole Nature Trail along a 117-mile scenic route through Southwest Louisiana.

After making their way back, riders met on the beach for music and a rice and gravy cook-off.

"There is nothing better than being on the back of a bike with the sun beaming down," Darlene Beard said.

The event is something officials from Christus St. Patrick Hospital say benefits many of their programs.

"It's a significant fundraiser," Christus Chief Operation Officer Donald Lloyd said. "For our clinical initiatives, along the lines of cancer, our cardiovascular services and the proceeds also support our new neuro spine initiative."

Sister Mary Patricia Driscoll began "Run with the Nuns" in Houston and was in Lake Charles Saturday for the event. 

"I am came to ride today," she said. "As long as I can find a bike to ride on I come out."

The run helped raise funds for wellness and diagnostic services at Christus St. Patrick Hospital.

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