Oberlin students participate in interactive drunk driving demonstration

Oberlin students participate in interactive drunk driving demonstration

OBERLIN, LA (KPLC) - Drunk driving remains the leading cause of death in teenagers, and the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office are working to prevent accidents during prom season.

They are doing this by visiting local area high schools and providing an interactive drunk driving demonstration.

"We have a lot of proms coming up and the object is to talk to the kids who will be attending those proms and let them know what happens when you're driving drunk," District Attorney Todd Nesom said.

Oberlin High School students wore "drunk goggles" while they drove golf carts through an obstacle course, attempted to dribble a basketball and walk in a straight line.

"The goggles are a .04, .15 and .26, so it shows them the different levels of alcohol," Nesom said.

This was a task that many students were surprised to find so difficult.

"I could not see anything unless I got real close to it," student Kailey Johns said.

Conner Douglas said, "It's really like you are drunk. You fall off the line and it's really hard to walk on. It is all blurry."

School officials said they hope this event sticks with the students beyond prom night.

Principal Tonya Ryder said, "I am hoping they will remember this graduation night."

Nesom said he hopes the kids will take this with them as they go to college.

Many of the students told KPLC seeing what it is like to be drunk has made them change their mind about underage drinking.

Officials at the District Attorney's Office said they plan to visit all parish high schools.

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