Louisiana Traveler - Lake Charles Yacht Club

You may have noticed the sailboats on the lake already. It's no accident. The Lake Charles Yacht Club's Wednesday night sailing and weekend races are underway.

"All types of people show up for our racing events," said club member Sheron Faulk. "From kids to grandparents or the parents. They're bringing their kids along as well. We have a very active junior sailing program for the teenagers. They use our club sailboats and they travel around southwest Louisiana and the gulf coast and race against other yacht clubs."

The Yacht Club is located at the foot of the I-10 Bridge at north beach and always sees an increase in activity this time of year. Folks like Richard Doss Sr. got hooked years ago and can't seem to quit.

"Sailing is just as relaxing as it can be," said member Richard Doss Sr. "You get out on the water. The wind is pulling you along. It's just a very relaxing time."

Members of the Lake Charles Yacht Club say it's the best kept secret in town. Don't let the word "yacht" scare you. You don't even have to own a boat to be a member of the club.

"You can belong the to the Lake Charles Yacht Club and not own a boat," said Faulk. "The Yacht Club has boats for members to use or if you have a sailboat or powerboat, we now allow power boats as well. You can dock or leave your powerboat at the Yacht Club grounds."

For more information on joining the Lake Charles Yacht Club, go to www.lakecharlesyachtclub.com or call Ship to Shore at 337-474-0730.

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