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Local librarian wins state honors

Melony LeMay Melony LeMay

As the state continues to make cuts and changes to the services provided in schools, like potential cuts to school counseling and library services, one local librarian in Calcasieu Parish is doing big things.

Oak Park Middle School librarian Melony LeMay is dedicated to her students and library.

"I love being a librarian. I love to see the children love books. They get all excited when I have new books," LeMay said.

And this year, LeMay's passion for her profession radiated from the aisles of the library and on to the school system.

"I was nominated for Calcasieu Parish Librarian of the Year," LeMay said, showing off her award.

It was a proud moment for LeMay and for her career. She went on to Baton Rouge to win state librarian of the year, a first for Calcasieu Parish.

"Reading is a lifelong skill. It is important that our libraries, our school libraries promote reading and help children develop that love of reading. A lot of times, kids slip through the cracks and we try to catch them and we want them to come to the library," LeMay said.

And at Oak Park Middle School, it's hard to keep the students out of the library.

"I love to come in here and go with the classes and be able to know what I'm doing," D'Anthony Butler, 7th grade, said. "It's very educational every time we come here and to see smiling faces and Ms. LeMay and she'll help us do stuff."

To 8th grader Simien Williams, going to the Oak Park Middle library is a good way to interact with other students and use the library for all it's worth.

"The other libraries aren't on par with Oak Park," Williams said.

The library serves as an important resource at the school. LeMay helps the students to make them better prepared for high school and college.

"I tell the students all the time, this is our library not my library. It takes all of us to take care of it," LeMay said.

Making for the best library and librarian in Calcasieu Parish and the state. 

LeMay plans to go before the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) to represent all school librarians in the state for the Louisiana Library Association (LLA) to promote the profession and the importance of reading.

To see pictures of LeMay making the Oak Park library the best it can be, check out the slide show by clicking here

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