Baggett Sisters Part 2 of 3 - Rebound

Caitlyn Baggett and her twin sister Ashlyn have both been MVP of the Southland Conference tournament, and they will try to lead the Cowgirls to a third straight S-L-C championship this week.

But in part 2 of his three-part series, 7 Sports Reporter Seth Lewis tells us that the Baggett twins' basketball careers at McNeese almost ended before they even began.

Things were easy for the Baggett twins at Iota High School, going to 3 straight Championships and winning 2.

But entering college, things got off to a rocky start, as the girls seemed to fall behind physically.

Then a couple weeks after her freshman year, Ashlyn started to feel something.

Then one day, the pains got so bad that Ashlyn finally decided to go in for a check-up, and that's when they found out just how serious things were.

Ashlyn would stay in the hospital for about 10 days and Caitlyn would start to feel the same symptoms weeks later, forcing both of them to give up basketball. Something the twins wouldn't take sitting down.

But to play again, they had to get cleared by doctors, something that seemed unlikely. Until one day...

There's a saying that everything happens for a reason...

But happily ever after couldn't do this story justice.