Drew vs. You - Roller Derby with Desiree Juarez

It is time once again for Drew vs. You.

Every Tuesday at 6, I challenge a local athlete in his or her favorite sport.

And this week, I discover that round wheels and a flat floor don't mix.

This week on Drew vs. You, we are at the Grindhouse in Lake Charles. This is Desiree Juarez and she has challenged me, along with her team, to roller derby.

Desiree, also known as Kermit da Flogger, came to a roller derby practice 2 years ago and was hooked immediately. As a member of Lafitte's Ladies, she travels all over Louisiana, Texas, and as far away as Florida to compete in bouts. That's right, they're called bouts.

My first challenge is to race Desiree around the track.

My next challenge, as the jammer, is to try to force my way through the pack of blockers and score points for my team.

I think it's safe to say I failed all the challenges, but what I really want is a roller derby nickname.

We came up with one. Girls? "Drew Brees Bayou."

Drew Brees Bayou, I love it. That does it for this week's Drew vs. You.

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