Baggett Sisters Part 1 of 3 - Childhood

Baggett Sisters Part 1

This week, the McNeese State Cowgirls will try to win the Southland Conference tournament for the third year in a row.

And their fortunes may well depend upon three sisters who share much more than just a name.

Tonight, in part 1 of his three-part series, 7 Sports reporter Seth Lewis shows us where Ashlyn, Caitlyn and Allison Baggett came from, and how they became who they are today.

Southwest Louisiana has never seen anything like this before.

Three sisters on one college team.

Something no one could imagine.

In what was already a dream scenario, two twins coming to a Division One college and dominating the basketball scene, a third sister joined and created a story movie writers couldn't fathom. But where did this script all begin for the Baggetts? In the town of Iota, where their household can only be described with one word.

And this competition started from birth, where the family jokes that Ashlyn boxed out Caitlyn to come out first. This competitiveness would range from the basketball court to even the simplest of tasks.

And while the competitiveness translated to the court, so did some of their childhood traits.

Like Ashlyn, the leader.

Or Caitlyn, the mastermind.

Or Allison, the funny one.

No matter what the trait, it all led to dominance at Iota High School and a scholarship to play for McNeese. But the Baggett twins were about to run into a problem they could not dribble around.