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Allen Parish law enforcement trains for school shooter


Law enforcement agencies in Allen Parish are being proactive when it comes to keeping school campuses safe.

Officers from Allen Parish Sheriff's Office, Kinder, Reeves, Oberlin, Coushatta and Beauregard Parish trained for an emergency situation in a school, like a shooter.

"What we are trying to do is make sure that if in fact something happens in an Allen Parish school or violence or shooter situation, that the people that are going to respond first are trained to be able to handle that incident," Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert said.

The training session took place at Oberlin High School on Saturday, March 9.

Hebert said this skill will benefit everyone if an emergency situation should arise.

"We want to make sure that all of us are on the same page and working off the same plan when those things happen so that we can be a credit to each other and not a hindrance," Hebert said.

And the practice is taken seriously by the officers. Officers used simulated ammunition and weapons, which shoot paint ball rounds. This method helps make the training seem as real as possible.

The officers also learned how to work together with a coach following them through each step of the training session.

"We have been fortunate that we have not had anything violent happen, however, that does not justify us to not preparing for the worst case scenario," Hebert said. 

A second active shooter training session is scheduled for the following weekend. Hebert said they hope to do sessions in the school in the coming months involving students, the fire departments and EMTs.

Hebert said the Allen Parish School Board is working on putting a school resource officer on every campus. 

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