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Local attorney a 'general' in Olympus Has Fallen

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If you see the movie "Olympus Has Fallen," you may see a familiar local face. Lake Charles attorney John Coffman has even made it into the trailers of the action thriller.

Olympus Has Fallen is a movie about terrorists taking over the White House and they're holding the president hostage. Right there in the thick of it is Coffman.

"I play a marine four-star general, one of the joint chiefs of staff. I'm in all the scenes in the crisis room in the Pentagon," said Coffman.

Coffman was surprised to see himself in the trailers that are now in theaters and on the web.

"Whenever Speaker Trumble takes over as acting president, we're all taking our seats and I'm right up front on the left. You see the side of my head, taking my seat. On the scene where we're taking our seats, Morgan Freeman is center at the far end of the table, and I'm on the left right at the front," said Coffman.

So how did he get the gig?

"Same way I did everything else, stumbled into it blindly," said Coffman.

Yet he seems to have done such a great job, he's been called as an extra  about a half dozen other times since. He said it all started in 2008 when people told him he was a dead-ringer for a character described in a casting call for Olympus Has fallen.

"I was at  my computer when an old Army buddy says, 'Look, I saw this casting call. They're describing you. Send them some pictures. You're a lock," said Coffman.

Much to Coffman's surprise, he was picked and last September, was in Shreveport for a four-day film shoot. And as you might imagine, he had a great time ... even got to spend time with the stars.

"Morgan Freeman had a habit, in between takes, when they were moving the cameras around and stuff of singing oldies. And at one point, in between takes, I was sitting there singing 'Wake up little Suzy' with Morgan Freeman," he said.

And Coffman said former Sulphur resident Ronnie Hooks is also in the film.

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