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Allen Parish students learn about legal system through mock trial


More than 200 Kinder and Reeves Elementary students gathered in the Allen Parish Courthouse on Friday afternoon for a mock trial.

The case, "Snow White," was a student-led event.

Students played the roles of District Judge, District Attorney, defense attorney, jurors and witnesses.

"They learn a lot better when they see it first hand," Reeves fourth grade teacher Kim Lenhart said. "I think it's a really neat way to show them so much better than reading it out of a textbook."

Many of the students KPLC spoke with said it was an experience they won't forget.

Fourth grader Karly Harris said, "I think it was inspiring because it can lead young children to be the attorneys or judge."

Allen Parish District Attorney Todd Nesom said the object was to create a fun way for students to interact with lawyers and law enforcement.

"They hear their parents talking about court and it scares them, so when they come here today they see that it's not a scary thing and the people are nice just like their teachers in school," Nesom said.

"I felt like it was a real trial," Grant Cooley said.

The students spent nearly an hour asking questions and learning more about the judicial system.

In the end, the jury found the evil queen guilty.

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