Chennault committee meets on possible sequestration impact

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A Chennault committee on Thursday put in motion plans that would allow them to pay for air tower control services in the event the government sequester takes effect.

The business development, architectural and engineering committee approved a recommendation to authorize Randy Robb, executive director, to advertise a request for proposals for air traffic control tower services if the need arises.

Under the sequester, the FAA would cut its funding to the contracted services that run air control towers in more than 200 locations, Chennault included.

Robb said funding the services would be Chennault's only option.

"I don't think we have an alternative. If we intend to stay as a viable business unit, we're going to have to have an operating tower. Now, we will close down the operating hours somewhat and advertise that fact but without that traffic, we all lose a lot of money so it makes sense to go ahead and pay that," Robb said.

Robb added that it's Chennault's only option because the number of military aircraft they interact with, citing it's a rule that military aircraft only operate in and out of controlled air fields.

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