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City of Lake Charles joins 'Go Group'

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The Sasol expansion, Leucadia project and Magnolia LNG - just to name a few - are set to change the economic landscape in Southwest Louisiana.

With more than 10,000 temporary construction jobs coming into the area, parish leaders have formed the Southwest Louisiana Task Force for Growth and Opportunity, also known as the "Go Group."

Although they have been meeting on an informal basis, the City of Lake Charles is now officially joining the discussion.

"It doesn't really involve any expenditure of funds. It's just participation. We think there is a lot to be gained by sharing information, sharing strategies and opportunities to deal with some of the issues we are going to be faced with in terms of growth and expansion," said Mayor Randy Roach. 

Roach said topping the list of growing pains are housing, traffic congestion, healthcare and added pressure on the education system. Collectively, the Go Group hopes to manage the anticipated impact.

"So, in order to be able to be prepared for that and get ahead of the curve as best as we can and be able to handle that type of growth and development, we wanted to form the task force and immediately start working on those issues," Roach said.

Other municipalities are expected to jump on board as progress makes its way to Southwest Louisiana.

"Recognizing there is going to be a bubble of activity and after those employees and workers move through and those projects are completed, then we are going to get back more or less to normal. It will be a new normal because we will have a large number of permanent jobs created here as a result of the this but nowhere near the thousands of jobs we are looking at in terms of temporary construction," explained Roach.

The Go Group is going to have eight committees dealing with different issues. Roach said the first order of business is to get those committees staffed with volunteers who have experience and expertise in the respective fields.

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