Westlake High announces new alert program

(Source: kxln univision 45)
(Source: kxln univision 45)

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Westlake High School is using technology to bridge the gap between the community and the school.

The new program, known as Remind 101, sends e-mail and text alerts to students, parents and community members who sign up.

Remind 101 can send alerts about upcoming assignments, club and organization events or emergency notifications.

Many students say they appreciate the homework reminders from teachers.

"It helps me if I forget I have an assignment due," said Westlake Sophomore Meagan Foster. "My mom is a part of it and if I don't get a text, she will remind me when she gets one."

School teachers say the program was first tested in the classroom, and they look forward to involving the community.

"It was so successful in the classroom that we decided to develop one for the community and extend it to everyone in Westlake so they can all know what is going on," Westlake teacher, Meredith Bouillion, said.

To register for community announcements, you can text @whscom to 225-245-3155, and for student announcements, text @whsstudent.

For more information on Remind 101, click HERE.

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