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Runway construction at Lake Charles Regional Airport to start Tuesday


Lake Charles' airport is home to roughly 7,000 commercial flights and over 40,000 other flight operations each year. Anyone familiar with the small, regional airport knows all of those operations use one of two runways.

Starting Tuesday, March 5, that will change as crews start work on a major project that will take the airport's primary runway out of service.

"We'll be using runway 523 which is our secondary runway," said the airport's Executive Director, Heath Allen. "It's a little bit shorter, but we can still send our commercial flights off of that runway."

For 90 days, the primary runway, number 153, will undergo a rehabilitation project to replace cracked concrete. 

"We're replacing about six percent of the total concrete on the runway. It's full depth replacements," said Allen. "We're doing a complete joint seal of the runway, which are the joints to protect and keep the water and things like that from the joints in the concrete. We're also going to remark the runway and redo all the rubber deposits on the runway."  

It's a $2.2 million dollar project that will reflect a change in times with newer, modern equipment. 

"We're putting in some new markings that are relatively new in airports," Allen said. "They're thermoplastic markings as opposed to painted on markings on some of our markings anyway." 

Allen said travelers won't be inconvenienced by the project and the closure of the runway, saying it's just routine maintenance.

"Maintaining the integrity of the pavement itself," he said. "If you put maintenance off and put it off you end up with a much bigger problem."

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