LC accident victims identities released

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Lake Charles Police have released the identities of those involved in Thursday's fatal accident at Hwy 14 near 210.  20 year old Christopher Neal Hamrick and 24 year old Brett Michael Vidallier died after the vehicle they were riding in struck a concrete barrier near the 210/14 intersection.  The driver, 19 year old Jerry Lee Miller suffered serious injuries in the crash.  All 3 were from Starks.

In Washington, lawmakers can't agree on much these days.  But everybody agrees that the so-called sequestration will indeed happen.  It means $85 billion in federal spending cuts across the board.

We're also following a strange story in Florida today.  Police and firefighters are gathered around a sinkhole, after the massive crater opened up inside a home outside of Tampa.  A man inside the house fell into the hole and hasn't been heard from since.  We have reaction from the man's brother, who tried to save him.

In weather, Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton calls for a cool weekend.  Lows in the 30's and not much of a chance for rain.  A warming trend may happen by the beginning of next week.

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