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Homeowner feels terrorized by skunks

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It's not so unusual to find a wild animal with rabies in Calcasieu Parish -- but the recent confirmation of a rabid skunk near Iowa has raised concerns for those who can't seem to get rid of them.

A woman who lives near Sulphur is fighting skunks. Stephanie Yghovwa and her family live in a lovely home in a nice area of West Calcasieu. But over the last two years, she's been terrorized by what seems to be an infestation of skunks like these.

"The main problem is the odor. It's very, very, very it's not pleasant at all. Eventually we thought we should do something because we started seeing them crawl around the yard.  We'd drive in the yard at night and we'd see one or two of them and they'd get out of the way once they'd see the light coming. Most of all I wanted to protect myself and my children when we get out of the car," said Yghovwa.

Yghovwa hired a pest control man who was able to trap four skunks within two weeks last December.

"The first one he caught within the first 30 minutes of being here and it was before dark and he said there's a real problem because usually they don't come out until after dark. It's $50 each time they remove a skunk and it's $100 to get them set up to put traps out," she said. The traps were put outside near the house.

Yghovwa thought the problem was solved but said the skunks are still around. She knows primarily because of the odor.

"We haven't seen but one or two since then but we know they're still around and they range from all sizes. Some of them are very large, some are really small like babies, but they were here and definitely around. You can smell them here. I'm not sure if they're multiplying and building a nest somewhere. I'm not sure, but we still have the problem," she said.

Her frustration with the situation became heightened when a rabid skunk was discovered on the east side of the parish near Iowa.

"If they're there and you're not aware that they're there, and they decide to spray or attack you, that's my biggest concern."

Yghovwa has tried to make sure skunks cannot gain access to the house and contacted Calcasieu Animal Control for suggestions as to how to get rid of the skunks for good.

The recent case in Iowa involved a skunk acting aggressively and behaving in a bizarre manner. The resident killed the skunk and testing confirmed it was rabid.

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