Keeping it in the family: Surgeon brothers

Keeping it in the family: surgeon brothers

Talk about keeping it in the family: two Lake Charles brothers are proving the strength of a family bond, working together as a specialized surgical team. 7 News goes inside a surgical suite at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital with the Foret brothers to see the dynamic duo at work.

Andrew and Jonathan Foret have a lot more in common than their last names.  The two are only twenty months apart in age and share a healthy sense of competition.  "Definitely with sports," said Jonathan, "and we love to hunt and fish together, so that's always brought a little bit of competition."

There was no competition, though, when it came to picking colleges and future careers.  Both Forets knew Louisiana State University was the choice and medical school at LSU-New Orleans would follow.  "We were both big LSU fans," said Andrew, "so he made good choices with that."

Jonathan is an orthopedic surgeon at Center for Orthopaedics, where Andrew is a hand surgeon. Oftentimes their cases go...hand-in-hand!  "Some of our cases overlap with fractures of the upper extremity and more complex cases," said Andrew.

Almost every Monday, the Foret brothers share a surgical suite - working side-by-side with scalpels and pushing each other to perfection.  "We have a real appreciation for each other and their skills and their opinions that it makes it easy to work together," said Jonathan.

"It's more of a team atmosphere and you're on the same team," said Andrew, "you can trust the person and there is no outside influence. You know what to expect from them."

It is the patient that is thrown for a loop sometimes!  "Well, a little bit of that, I guess," said Jonathan.

Here's the Foret flow chart: Dr. Andrew Foret and Dr. Jonathan Foret, the sons of Dr. Lynn Foret, nephews of the late Dr. John Foret and cousins of Dr. Ryan Foret.  "I think everybody's pretty good about knowing you have to say the first and last name when you're talking about Dr. Forets," said Andrew.

As if that is not confusing enough, Andrew's wife, Ashley Foret, has the same name as his sister, Ashley Foret. He's also the father of twin girls.

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