Moss Regional Medical Center wins awards at LSU Forum

Moss staff at the awards presentation (Source: LSU Health System)
Moss staff at the awards presentation (Source: LSU Health System)

The following is a news release from the LSU Health System:

The awards presentation at the 16th annual LSU Health Care Effectiveness Forum, "LSU Health: Building Blocks for the Future," recognized achievements of hospitals throughout the LSU Health Care Services Division.

Clinical Excellence Awards were given to those demonstrating superior outcomes on a bundle of disease-specific performance measures.  Clinical Lead Awards were given for leadership efforts in providing exemplary healthcare in disease management programs.

Dr. Walter O. Moss Regional Medical Center, in Lake Charles, received the Clinical Excellence Award in Heart Failure, Asthma, HIV, Tobacco Cessation and Hypertension.

Ruth Fruge, NP, and Diane Hudson, NP, both with WOM, received the Clinical Lead Award for HIV.  The HIV physician team from the HCSD HIV clinics recognized the clinics' nurse practitioners (NP) with the Clinical Lead Award for HIV because of the compassionate care they provide for patients who face a complicated set of problems, ranging from complex medicine regimens to stigma at the workplace and in the community.  Serving as an anchor for patients, along with the rest of the support team, NP's in each clinic can manage routine and urgent situations when the physicians are working elsewhere. In some clinics, NP's have taken on specialty care like GYN or diabetes, which strengthens the one-stop model of clinical care that the HIV team works to provide, increasing patients' adherence to visits and treatment.