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New petition revisits I-210/Cove Lane construction concerns


Virginia Woodson is the only resident who lives on Cove Lane in Lake Charles and one of the only homeowners that will be directly affected as construction plans move forward on the I-210/Cove Lane expansion project.

She has lived at the house for 50 years, but it's not the future of her property that has propelled her daughter, Jane Taylor, to launch a petition to stop the construction plans. 

"It's about bringing unwanted casino traffic into the Prien Lake Park neighborhood and it's about the cost of the project," said Taylor. "The project is costing the state millions of dollars and if the state is facing such a budget crisis, there should be other less intrusive plans that should be considered."

Taylor has been garnering petitions on foot and online via the website

She said, so far, she has collected over 200 signatures from concerned residents.

"Some of the residents didn't know the extent of the project," said Taylor. "Or how much it was going to cost the state, the parish and even the taxpayers."

Taylor hopes that the petition will at least open lawmakers' eyes that a number of residents who reside in the area in question aren't supportive of the project's effects and propel the proper authorities to rethink their plans. 

As for Virginia Woodson, who will inevitably lose her home when the project comes into fruition, she said she's come to terms with having to move.

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