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Louisiana Attorney General has ideas on school safety


Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has some definite ideas on how to protect children from violence at school and he recently discussed those ideas with Vice President Joe Biden.

Caldwell said he has no interest in getting involved in gun control.

"Somebody comes into my house and they're not invited, I'm going to blow them away and I expect everybody else to do the same thing," Caldwell said.

Caldwell is convinced no amount of gun control will stop school shootings like the one that happened in Connecticut.

"A real criminal basically is not going to shoot children, dogs and women. Real criminals are easier to spot and get along with, frankly. But these people that are mental are dangerous and they are the most dangerous among us," Caldwell said.

Caldwell said mental health needs should be addressed and properly funded, as opposed to gun control. But he does have specific ideas about what can be done to make classrooms safer.

"I have suggested to the Vice President of the United States in phone calls that we have some simple things that we can do. For example, in our schools, let's put a button under the teacher's desk where she can alert somebody if they've got a problem. Let's put some flashing lights in the classroom and outside the classroom to alert law enforcement where a problem is," he said. 

"We need guards who can actually use weapons in schools and limit access. We need to open doors from the inside of the classroom instead of the hall where these people go in from the hallways and go into the classrooms and kill people. I support armed guards and the teachers, not so much. I think we need to let teachers have buttons to push and alert the folks who do have guns and are trained to use them," Caldwell continued.

Caldwell discussed his ideas with Biden during a recent conference call with other attorneys general.

Caldwell was in Lake Charles for the 89th Annual State Police Jury Convention which is underway at L'auberge.

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