Newly opened Iowa restaurant goes up in flames

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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom watching the skies darken thru the windows. Yep – weather is going to be a big story today and you can look for Ben's complete, live, and local forecast during 7News@Noon. As we get closer to that air time, he expects some stronger storms to impact our area ahead of a cold front this afternoon. He says individual thunderstorm cells could produce tornadoes and large hail. How long will it last? What about the weekend? Tune in at noon and remember you can always go HERE for continuous updates and you can track storms on our weather app.

A fire sweeps thru a building that has housed many a restaurant in the Iowa area. It happened at Cajun Cowboyz this morning.

Also today, we'll have the touching story of a little girl who was badly burned leaving the hospital. Her father says hand sanitizer is to blame and we'll tell you how it all happened.

Another bizarre story to tell you about today. A British tourist and his wife noticed the water in their taps at a downtown Los Angeles hotel had been down to a trickle, but they couldn't have imagined the disturbing reason. It seems the body of a missing woman was discovered at the bottom of one of the cisterns on the roof. The tanks provide water for the hotel. Wow. Look for this story at noon.

Plus, your cell phone could be a playground for hidden germs – but could that grimy phone lead to acne? We'll show you what a lab found while testing the devices.

Speaking of devices, we're going to share some video of a cat that was none too fond of a DVD device. He's just going after it a la' Mike Tyson! See it at noon, but if you can't wait … see it HERE!

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