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Property owner's failure to pay bills results in mounds of trash in LC apartment complex

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Overflowing garbage bins at one Lake Charles apartment complex prompted residents to air concerns with 7 News on Wednesday.

KPLC was made aware of the issue with trash pickup at the Whispering Pines Apartment complex after receiving photos from a resident.

But residents said the trash issue is just one of many on a lengthy list of grievances with the apartment complex.

Many residents were not comfortable voicing their complaints on camera with 7News but Clarence LaChapelle, whose daughter has lived in the apartments for 17 years, said his daughter has had enough.

"It took them over a year for them (management) to replace her bath," said LaChapelle. "There is mold growing throughout the apartments and the managers don't do anything ... They expect people to live in these apartments as is."

Mary, another Whispering Pines resident, has lived in her apartment for six years. She said over the years, the issues have gotten worse.

"At first it was okay. Now, it takes forever for them to fix something," she said. "Last Thanksgiving, I cooked an entire dinner on one stove top eye. Because they haven't fixed my oven yet."

Waste Management, the company contracted with the apartment complex, did confirm that service has been interrupted.

"The last payment that was made was on Nov. 7, 2012," said sales manager, Brandy Soileau. "There was still a balance and in early December, we started to issue cut-off notices."

For nearly two months, Waste Management continued to pick up garbage for free but as of Feb. 1, interrupted service. 

"Around the first of the month (March), the contract will be completely terminated and the waste bins will be completely removed off of the property," Soileau said.

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