Parental involvement at area school gets boost through ‘Donuts for Dads’

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Organizers of the "Donuts for Dads" program held their spring meeting at Combre-Fondel Elementary School on Wednesday in Lake Charles.

"Donuts for Dads" is just one of the many programs sponsored by the school to boost parental involvement in students' academic lives.

The "Donuts for Dads" and the "Dads on Patrol" programs are geared specifically toward men.

Administrator Gary Trahan said having a second meeting helps the continuity of the program.

"The spring is just a revitalization … It just gets the kids focused and then we can go on from there and we should be able to go on the rest of the year along with the 'Dads on Patrol' component. I think that's the reason why instead of having just one meeting in the fall, we need to have a meeting in the spring," said Gary Trahan of Combre-Fondel Elementary School.

"Combre-Fondel cares about their children to try to involve the fathers as much as they can … it might not always be the father but it might be a male role model in that child's life but they get an understanding of what their role is," said Freddie Harrison, the father of a student.

Trahan said that throughout the year, parental attendance has done well at events like the one held Wednesday.

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