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Efforts to end Sulphur's water woes


Some residents in Sulphur know what it's like to have low water pressure for a period of time, and now, the city is working to fix a main water line that is old and outdated.

After a major water main leak recently, city officials are examining what needs to be done to prevent this issue from happening again.

"Breaks will continue to happen. We don't like them and the customer doesn't like them. We know that," Director for the Public Works Department John Bruce said.

Bruce said the city is receiving bids for the water main upgrade project. A project that will not only repair part of the aged water-line, but help minimize future line breaks.

"It's expensive to fix. It takes a planned approach through the city budget process. We bid the work out to construction contractors that are experienced in the type of work," Bruce said.
The project has an estimated cost close to half a million dollars, which will only replace roughly 4,000 feet, or about one mile, of pipeline for the project.

There is close to 120 miles of water line networked throughout the City of Sulphur.

But fixing one of the main water lines is priority because not only will it reduce line failures but it will also reduce maintenance effort on the lines, according to Bruce.

"It is going to have an upgraded line size on these projects, the one that we're getting is replacing lines that are under sized, smaller than 6 inches, and replace it with 6-inch main, so they should see improved reliability as well as possibly improved water pressure and quality," he said.

And ultimately keep an eye out for any problem areas throughout the entire city.

Bruce said construction on the next water line project could begin within about three months once a bidder is selected.

This will be along South Huntington, East Thomas and East Carlton streets in Sulphur.
The project will cause minor inconveniences for residents associated with the project.

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