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Is real puppy love right for Valentine's Day?


This Valentine's Day, whether you've got puppy love or just smitten with kittens, don't let it end in heartache.

"What the people need to realize before coming in to adopt, there are some factors that they should consider," Wyvette Pryor-Cousin, assistant director at Calcasieu Parish Animal Services, said.

Pryor-Cousin knows that during the holidays, like Valentine's Day, more people tend to adopt and once the holiday is over, sometimes the cat or dog is brought back to the shelter. 

"They don't necessarily have the time to devote to training the animal," Pryor-Cousin said. Or sometimes, the owner finds they or their family members are allergic.

"Will you be able to afford it?" Like the vet visits Pryor-Cousin said. "Will you be able to take care of the necessary needs of the animal?"

Other reasons for returns are the owners are moving and can't take the animal with them.

Understandable reasons, according to Pryor-Cousin, but finding love at the animal shelter has gotten easier, one look into those puppy eyes will have you adopting in no time, which is good for the shelter because adoptions are up and returns are low. 

"We've got tons of animals for adoption," she said.

Purrrrfect for finding that cute local, single four-legged friend.

The Calcasieu Animal Shelter offers gift certificates for pet adoption. If a pet is the perfect gift for your loved one or friend, consider a gift certificate. It pays for the adoption fee of the dog or cat and allows the person to come to the shelter and pick out the right pet. 

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