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Iowa celebrates Mardi Gras 2013 with annual 'Chicken Run'


It's the music, it's the food and it's the celebration, all of which makes Iowa's Mardi Gras celebration unique. 

"Why is that? Because it gets the people to come together," said Iowa resident Mary Victorian. "Enjoyment. Eat. And just dance if you want with the people." 

That's what happened all day Tuesday as people in the town of Iowa celebrated their 34th annual chicken run. 

"I wish everybody would come from all over the place," said Theron McClendon. "Because when you come to Iowa for a chicken run you are coming to the best." 

Kicking off at the KC Hall, residents lined the streets in Iowa as floats paraded through, throws and all. 

"It's the people and the enjoyment and the fun and the Zydeco and you'll have nothing but fun here at the Iowa chicken run Mardi Gras," McClendon said. 

Stopping every so often, captain of this year's chicken run, Rodney Victorian, shared with 7News the history of the community involvement. 

"I'm trying to keep the tradition going," said Victorian. "You go through the neighborhoods picking up stuff to make the gumbo and stuff and now we're keeping the tradition up."  

When you share something for the pot, out comes the chickens. Iowa's Kent Landry was one of the lucky ones to catch a chicken. 

"It's fun and it brings enjoyment to families and it's really fun I like it," Landry said. 

That sentiment of excitement was shared by other Mardi Gras visitors. Some from as close as Houston and as far as Richmond, California. 

"All morning I've been seeing some different activities," said Gabriel Esparza. "Everybody's so happy, friendly, it's just a very good experience for me." 

It's a Mardi Gras celebration for a small town with big tradition. 

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