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Hog hunter tournament brings in big hogs


A big tournament brought in some big hogs this weekend near Ragley. The Bayou Hog Boys held a hog hunting tournament.

Seven teams started hunting the furry hogs on Friday. Their goal was to catch five live hogs and bring them back by Sunday at 2 p.m. to be weighed.

Organizer Jonathan Cradure said hog hunting is fun but can be dangerous.

"It's a little scary. We run them with dogs and no weapons. We catch them with the dogs and a piece of rope," explained Cradure.

For this contest, the hunters could hunt the hogs anywhere in Louisiana.

"There are different strains of hogs in different parts of the state. In north Louisiana, they are harder to catch but down here they are a little bit easier," said Cradure. "The challenge is to see who can catch the biggest. Just like a bunch of guys fishing ... they talk about who has the biggest fish. We hog hunt and see who has the biggest hog."

The entry fee for each team was $200. Once weighed in and the scores calculated - the team with the biggest single hog wins 40 percent of the money and the team with the most combined weight wins the remaining 60 percent of the money.

The biggest hog weighed in at 270 pounds. The most combined weight of five hogs was 770 pounds.

Cradure said anyone with questions about hogs can look them up on their "Bayou Hog Boys" Facebook page or contact them at 496-9500.

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