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Injury doesn't stop man running cross country for charity

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By Courtney Lang/KPLC

A Michigan native is criss-crossing the country for the second time in the name of a good cause. On Saturday, Chris Nicholas made his way through Lake Charles. 

"Lake Charles is 3,440 miles into this journey with about 3,000 to go at this point," said Nicholas.

This isn't Nicholas' first trip across country. He was the 30th person to run solo across the U.S. for charity. On his second journey, he decided to double the mileage.

"I'm cycling across the United States. It's 6,400 miles. I'm going from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon but I'm doing it the long way. I'm going down the entire East Coast and now I'm doing the southern border and then the West Coast up to Portland, Oregon all for the Wounded Warrior Project, the Make a Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children's Hospital," said Nicholas.

Nicholas said people he meets along the way aren't the only ones supporting his goal.

"I even see people make donations in the cities that I pass through. I might not be able to meet them in person, but they see that I'm making this effort and visiting their town and city across the country," said Nicholas.

The reason he's biking today is a result of a knee injury about 1,000 miles into this journey. He said his injury didn't stop him and that he now uses it as a tool to speak to students encouraging them to never give up.

"I had some knee issues. I had some X-rays done and my doctor said that if I continued I would do some major damage to that knee so instead of quitting a bike shop sent me a bicycle. It goes to show that you don't have to quit," said Nicholas.

Nicholas wears a GPS. If you would like to follow his journey and donate to his causes click here.

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