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Council approval makes way for pedi-cabs to roll in

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Pedi-cabs - you've probably seen them in larger cities and coastal towns and you'll soon see them in downtown Lake Charles. 

"We've seen them in New York, we've been to San Antonio. All of those areas have quite a few pedi-cabs and the people seem to like riding in them and getting around town," said James Bittner.

In their latest venture, business partners James Bittner and Tod Ardoin are set to put a fleet of six pedi-cabs on the streets.

"We're probably a little early, but maybe now is the time to do this. Hopefully, it will spur some movement in the downtown area," said Ardoin.

In addition to getting people from point A to point B, they also expect to do deliveries for a reasonable rate.

"Of course, if you are too high, people aren't going to want to ride it. You have to be very reasonable with the rates so people will want to ride them," said Bittner.

Hours of operation are tentatively set between 10:30 a.m. to midnight.

"I figure on weekends we will probably run later than week nights because people are out having a little more fun at those times of day and may need us," explained Bittner.

"We're anxious to see how the community is going to respond to this sort of thing. It's a green mode of transportation, it's entertaining and it's economic," said Ardoin.

The Lake Charles City Council likes the proposal. The council approved an ordinance to regulate the way pedi-cabs can operate in city limits.

We took the pedi-cab idea to the streets of Lake Charles to see what residents think.

"I think it would be great for the downtown area, kinda boost the way people look at Lake Charles in general," said Zack Bond.

"I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina, and we have them there. I have taken one before. I was not able to drive home one night and it was just as expensive as the cab and I felt really sorry for the guy because he was sweating and had to take me a pretty good ways. But it was fun," said Ashley Turnmire.

"I would probably pay no more than the price of a drink so 7 to 10 bucks. But I think that would be a great opportunity for someone to get out and just experience something different for a very cheap amount," said Jonathan Rutherford.

The pedi-cabs are expected to be in operation within the next 60 days.

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