Go Group eyes best path toward growth

RAW: Go Group eyes the future
Hal McMillin, chairperson of the Go Group
Hal McMillin, chairperson of the Go Group

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - So, how does the Lake Area grow without growing pains?

That's the question the Southwest Louisiana Task Force for Growth and Opportunity Group, or "Go Group," must answer.

The Sasol expansion project is just one of several planned projects that will bring new jobs and traffic to the area.

The Go Group will work with local governmental agencies during the project planning and development phases.

It's made up of elected officials from throughout the parish.

Hal McMillin, group chairperson, explained.

"It's kind of like working with a hurricane and that situation that you bring this group together and we move forward with it because there is going to be a tremendous amount of growth. It's a situation like a tsunami almost. The water's being sucked out now and a huge wave of opportunity is going to come to Southwest Louisiana and as that happens, we had better be prepared and with a group of people we have on this team, I think we will be prepared," he said.

The next step according to McMillin is to establish committees ad prepare for the parish projects ahead.

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