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Resident wants highrise dogs muzzled


Anne Backe has called Chateau Du Lac Apartments home for almost a year now. She said she hasn't had any problems until recently when another resident got bit by a dog.

"I asked him what are you going to do about this? And he was sort of reluctant about really saying too much. I let it go. I thought ... Well, if you know if nothing is said it's going to keep on going," Backe said.

Backe is now speaking out requesting that all dogs be required to wear a muzzle while coming in and out of the building, especially in the elevators.

"They definitely should have a muzzle on them because of the fact that anyone can get bitten - the medical expense, the trauma - all of that has no reason to happen," said Backe. "I don't want a little child to get bitten because it could easily happen."

Fellow resident and dog owner Joyce Savoy agrees.

"I think they should because some of the people here have aggressive dogs and people have been bitten before so I think it's a good idea," Backe said.

Still frustrated, Backe took her concerns down to Lake Charles City Hall.

Backe told the Lake Charles City Council this week, "I'm just saying one thing. As long as I'm living there and I use those elevators to go up to my apartment - if a dog bites me, it's all over for them. Because I will kill that dog right in front of everybody." 

City officials told Backe she had a landlord issue and said they don't have any specific ordinances that would regulate a private apartment complex. 

KPLC contacted the Lake Charles Housing Authority. Director Bill Taylor said this is the first complaint he's received about dogs. He said they have a strict policy: All dogs must be under 25 pounds, owners must have records of up-to-date shots and proper paperwork on the dogs. The dogs must also be on a leash. Taylor added the safety of the residents is priority number one.

Meanwhile, Backe wants the dogs and their owners to be aware and be responsible.

"I'm not against animals. I was born and raised on a farm for 17 years, but like I said if an animal in that elevator - sometimes that elevator gets pretty crowded - if it bites me, I know how to snap a neck on an animal in about five seconds ... And I'll do it," Backe said.

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