The threat on the other end of the line

Good morning!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

Imagine someone calling you to say you've won more than $2 million. You figure it's a scam, so you say you're not interested – then you're threatened. It happened to at least one area woman and we'll have her story.

It's truly Mardi Gras season and this morning it was time for some of the royalty to march. We'll take a look at the celebration held by the Krewe of the Golden Years. There was lots of music, food and revelry!

Also today, thanks to the input from one of its four year old patients, a hospital is making positive changes to its playroom. We'll show you how a non-profit group helped create stress-relieving rooms for sick kids.

Plus a mom takes matters into her own hands to help kids eat nutritious foods. She's created her very own healthy vending machine!

In weather, clouds are lingering this morning after a night filled with rain. However, Ben tells me we may get a peek or two of sunshine later today. He says it should be a dry night, but look out – the clouds will return overnight. What will that mean for our rain chances for the rest of the week? Be sure to tune in at noon for Ben's live, local forecast.

There's a forecast of a different kind about these days…a close encounter between earth and an asteroid. Sounds like science fiction? Think again, and read more HERE.

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