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Local performers dance during Super Bowl with Beyonce

D'Tara Frank danced on the Washingto-Marion dance line before leading two dance teams at Southern University.
On Sunday, all of that paid off when she was one of the lucky performers chosen to dance as one of Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime dancers. 

"I was star struck - I must say, I never thought I would be star struck but I was," said Frank.  "I was like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I'm in the same area as Beyonce right now.' " 

D'Tara wasn't just one of the lucky ticket holders in the same arena as the award-winning superstar, she was closer than anyone else, sharing the stage as one of her backup dancers.
D'Tara said it all started with a last minute audition tape.   

"I did my audition tape that Monday and it was due that Monday, and so, it was like everything was rushed," she said. 

So, when she got the news that she'd been selected to perform as one of Beyonce's halftime dancers at the Super Bowl, she couldn't believe it. 

"I checked the e-mail and it just so happened that it was the congratulations email ... You've been cast as a dancer," Frank said. "So, it was one of those things where like oh my God you have to stand up and start calling people." 

For the Lake Charles performer who doubles as a civil engineer by day, she quickly learned that juggling both wouldn't be easy.

"I would get off of work and I would drive three hours to New Orleans and drive three hours back so I wasn't getting home until like 2:30 p.m.-3 p.m. in the morning still having to get up at 6 so I would be at work at 7," she said.
But worth every minute.

"It's tiring, but at the same time, you're living your dream out and you only live once so ... I'm young, hey, go for it," she said. 

D'Tara wasn't the only local performer getting 15 minutes of fame. Erica and Lacey Austin, former McNeese State University dancers and Abigail Branch, were also selected to perform during halftime. They said the experience was unlike any other. 

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