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Cold Case Investigation: Allen Babineaux

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At 27-years-old, Allen Babineaux had a lot going for him - good looks, a lot of friends and his own business.

"That was the baby of the family of four girls. We were very proud of him," said Karen Lewis, Allen's sister.

But Allen's dreams were cut short the night of the new Millennium. While ringing in the new year, Allen was shot outside the Doll House nightclub.

Karen recalled when the family received the news early that morning.

"The person stated that Allen had been shot and we all went to the hospital," Karen said.

Allen was pronounced dead at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital while investigators were still trying to deal with the chaos at the scene.

"There were a lot of people in this area. Shots were fired and then they started scattering. When we pulled up, people were running down the street. It was hard to contain," explained Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon.

Dixon said a fight, which began inside the club, spilled outside into the parking lot. Allen, an innocent bystander, was one of three people shot.

"We just think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Dixon said.

Dixon said based on shell casings found at the scene, more than one weapon was used. Investigators have even interviewed possible suspects but never had enough to make an arrest.

Dixon said of all their cold cases, this one is solvable because at least 30 people witnessed the shooting. However, none of the witnesses have offered investigators information that can help the case.

"This one really bothers me because I know there were a lot of people here that night. There's no doubt in my mind that somebody has knowledge," said Dixon.

Over the years, Allen's mother has found comfort in the group "Parents of Murdered Children." While she hopes to find justice, Allen's father went to his grave in 2001 never knowing.

"My mom shared with us that when her and my dad would go to bed at night or sit down and talk among themselves - they would always tell each other ... If we only knew who killed our son," said Karen.

Thirteen years later, the truth still eludes them while a killer remains free. Dixon urges anyone who can provide answers to come forward.

"Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Hopefully, there's a pang of conscience there. A pang of guilt - something. But come forward and do the right thing. Not for me, but for the family. The Babineaux family needs closure," Dixon said.

"I tell my mom all the time - I say momma, one day it's going to come to a head where they are going to find this person. We have to be prepared for it ... You know, whatever happens," said Karen.

While waiting on justice can be hard, the Babineaux family knows Allen is proud of them for not giving up hope.

"I think he would say - thank you. Thank you, because I can rest in peace now," said Karen.

Anyone who knows something that can help in the Allen Babineaux case is asked to call Lake Charles Police at 337-491-1311 or Crime Stoppers at 337-439-2222. Callers can remain anonymous.

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