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Policy changes impact CPSB

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Education reform hit home Thursday night for the Calcasieu Parish School Board.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy explained the changes to employment and teacher pay.

The CPSB had to make the policy revisions in order to be compliant with the laws concerning Louisiana schools.

When it comes down to teachers who are seeking advanced degrees, Savoy said the state education department is making some changes as to how school systems pay teachers.

"The more education a teacher can have then the better I believe that they will perform and know about the different strategies to teach children. So, in Calcasieu, what we're going to do, if you have started a degree and you complete it by 2015, then you will receive "x" amount of money and you will move up on our salary schedule," Savoy said.

The new salary schedule is based on teacher performance and evaluation.

Those teachers with advanced degrees have the opportunity to earn up to $1,600 more at the end of the year. That is, if he or she finishes their advanced degree schooling by 2015.

"It's difficult for me to believe that the state department does not see the value of a PhD. I have a problem with that. With a master's degree, I have problem with that one," he said.

Because after 2015, the school board won't be able to pay more for those teachers with more education. But Savoy said it doesn't mean the school board will turn their backs to those with advanced degrees or to those who don't.

Another change was made to the policy on employment concerning retired teachers looking to come back to teach.

"I think it was simply a matter of clarification because it's something we've been doing," Savoy said.

Savoy said Calcasieu Parish is a little ahead of the game when it comes to some policies like hiring retired employees. In that case, the school board cannot promise a retired teacher the same position they had before.

"We've been following the guidelines as outlined by the state statute. As superintendent, I sign off to indicate this individual is the only person we can find for this job because it's a critical shortage area," he said.

When it comes to education, Savoy said he wants to be fair whether it's concerning teacher pay or the employment of a retired teacher.

There were plenty of changes made to policies for schools in Calcasieu. Some include changes to discipline within the schools, making it more strict.

Another change was made to the policy for internet usage which was expanded to include age and grade appropriate lessons on the responsible ways to use the internet, cell phones and social networking sites.

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