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Brothers meet for the first time 20 years later


Wednesday, Jan. 30 was an exciting day for two brothers. It's been almost 20 years and the two finally got to meet one another.

Growing up, Johnny McDaniel, 22, thought he was an only child.

"I've always wanted like a brother and stuff like that," he said.

When Johnny was 12 years old, he found out he actually did have a brother and that's when the search for Steven Blalock began.

Johnny said his thought process was, "I'm tired of waiting. I need to find him."

After an extensive online search, Johnny called a phone number for someone with the name Steven McDaniel. That someone happened to be two years younger than McDaniel and lived in North Carolina.

Johnny thought he'd give it a try.

"He's like, 'So you're my ...' and he kind of pauses for a second ...'brother?' and I was like, 'Yeah. You knew about me?' And he was like, 'Yeah, I knew about you for the past two years.' And it was just an instant connection. So, it was like a really big moment," he said.

And now, Steven is flying in to finally meet his older brother who sat at the Lake Charles Regional Airport three hours before his arrival.

Finally, the big moment came, and the brothers greeted one another with an embrace.

"Man, it's good to see you bro!" Johnny said. "Hey! We're the same height! Except you're a lot uglier, so that works!"

Spoken like a true older sibling, but to Steven, the words to describe the reunion are hard to find.

"Only knowing for three years and then realizing that pretty much for 20 years, not knowing somebody and then ... I'm just sitting there watching TV one day and I get a phone call and I realize it's who it is ... it took me a second and I was like 'woah,' " Steven said.

"Whether you've met them face-to-face or just know about them, it's just an instant love and an inseparable love that I don't think the end of the world could even tear apart. It's just how family works," Johnny said.

Eight days together with almost 20 years worth of catching up to do.

Johnny plans to have a crawfish boil for Steven, take him to New Orleans, and introduce him to his grandparents in Alexandria.

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