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Drug search takes residents by surprise

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Before they saw the lights of the patrol units and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's SWAT team, it was a loud boom that caught the attention of residents in the 1500 block of 13th Street.

"I was in the house and all of sudden, I heard a big boom and said - oh my God ... What's going on now," recalled Sue Forth.

"As soon as I opened the window, a big explosion and I was like I don't know what just happened ... I seen a little smoke. I thought it was a gunshot. We were like - oh my God, somebody got shot," said Courtney Linscombe.

It wasn't a gunshot. Authorities said they were executing a narcotics search warrant at 1506 13th Street. At least two people, a man and woman, were brought out of the home and detained in the front yard as deputies searched the home and property.

It's an older street where most of the folks who live there know each other. Neighbors said the people who live in the house in question moved in about a month ago.

Linscombe has lived a few doors down for a couple of months and said the incident took her by surprise.

"It's quiet and very safe ... This is the first we have had any problems around here. And I would have never, ever expected anything like this to happen over here," said Linscombe.

Forth has lived on the street her entire life.

"I was raised here in this neighborhood and I feel in certain ways it has really changed," said Forth.

When told authorities were searching for drugs, Forth said she wasn't shocked.

"I believe it. I really believe it ... It's so sad," said Forth.

There is still no word if authorities found what they were looking for or if anyone was arrested.

We'll, of course, pass any new information regarding this case as it becomes available.

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